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I have been bitten by the racing quad bug big time!

Above is my fleet of Tiny Whoops. These are the birds i am learning to fly with. It has been loads of fun!




racing quad 2nd build

August 21st. -

The second build of my racing quad is finished. I banged up the VTX on the first flight, so I replaced the VTX and upgraded the camera to a Runcam Mirco Swift with a Rotor Geeks soft mount TPU camera mount.


I also got the Lost Model buzzer going properly. I like it, Once the quad is armed if it loses signal the buzzer starts, if I flip the switch buzzer starts. Outstanding feature.


I am having second thoughts about the top mounted battery, For safty reasons and landing reasons I think that the bottom mounted battery is the way to go. We will see what the future holds, I will fly this before making any more changes.


Chamber Music and Forest Green


Flying the Forest